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Rachel Glenn

Grand Rapids, MI based Artist
Rachel graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with her degree in Medical Illustration. Part of Kendall's partnership with Michigan State University (MSU) allowed for Rachel to strengthen her understanding of human anatomy through MSU's Gross Anatomy and Prossection lab.
Rachel is fueled by her passion for art and the want to understand and convey complex information.
Rachel is continually building upon her knowledge and experiences to stay in tune with advancements in both fields and is determined to bring about the foremost of her time.



2016 - 2020 Kendall College of Art and Design with medical classes through Michigan State University 


2018 - "Jon McDonald and Friends" held at the Uptown Gallery 
2019 - "Treewhispers" International Collaboration held at the Kalamazoo Nature Center 
2019 - "Coexistence" held at the (106) Gallery and Studio 
Excellence Award Winner (2020)
Highest award bestowed by KCAD upon 1 graduate in each major for superior achievements and extraordinary quality of work
Worked in conjunction with the Lewis Lab at Harvard University to create a body of work on the topic of 3D printing of organs

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